Journalists need to know how to read critically and link properly

It is no secret that reading is important for a Journalist, but nowadays It’s an essential skill for anyone willing to be in the Industry.

About five years ago a blogger named Felix Salmon wrote an article about the importance of critical reading in Journalism. In his piece we can read: ”Think about it this way: reading is to writing as listening is to talking — and someone who talks without listening is both a boor and a bore”.

In essence his opinion is that online posts, particularly those coming from social media, are as relevant as conventional columns on newspapers and magazines, both online and in print..

He truly believes that the focus should shift from writing to reading, and we should be more open minded about what journalism really is. Even a tweet can be a piece of journalism. As a matter of fact he writes  ” If I were hiring, the first thing I’d look at would be the prospective employee’s Twitter feed. What are they linking to? What are they reading?”.

Salmon sees Journalism as a conversation with the reader, and I couldn’t agree more. After all, this job, or craft I should say, Is about storytelling. If we put distance with the readers, it will be hard to make a connection with them. Social media is all about connecting people with each other.

In Addition, Journalism is about current events, being updated. If we do not open our minds towards change, we’ll remain stuck in the past. Now, name one character in history who had success with this approach. See? Nobody.

Finally, linking is also crucial for Journalists. In the article Salmon mentions how there really is a lack of good linking in the Industry, which means there is a need for people who can curate the stories, present them in a nice way, and find good material.

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