The on-going invasion nobody talks about

According to VICE News, starting from July 2015, “Russia-backed forces moved the boundary fence between Russian-occupied South Ossetia and Georgia — placing more Georgian territory under Russian control”.

“Georgians refer to this as the creeping occupation, and several people who unfortunately live in the area now have a different citizenship.”

Many Georgian villagers and shepherds are being arrested by Russian soldiers, just for “violating the border policy”, which means crossing a small fence by mistake.

Who talked about this? nobody. Except VICE media, so my praises this week go to them. I understand that Russia Today might not want to talk about it, but why did Western media overlook at this? Where is NATO in all of this?  And the Georgian national forces?

Some believe Georgia’s government is orientating towards Russia, while govt. officials claim they are doing their best to avoid an invasion like Ukraine and that this rumors are ridiculous.

Unfortunately it’s hard to figure out the truth. But what I know for sure, is that the Russian empire is expanding, and is not satisfied with Crimea and East Ukraine.

VICE news’ Simon Ostrovsky went to Georgia to report on the issue. Here is the link.

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