A night not to miss: Sisyphos comes to London at The Egg


Everyone get your brand new 2016 calendars cause this month will be a hot one in terms of events, particularly in London.

The whole year is full of must go gems. Next week is a busy one too, but one event beats them all, one a real techno and club lover must go to.

On Saturday January 16th Sisyphos residents  Fidelity Kastrow, Jonty Skruff, and Juli.N More come to the capitol of the UK in what it looks to be a rave of the year candidate. The Egg has already hosted this event last summer with great success, but in the winter, with most people in town, it should be even better.

Sisyphos, one of the best clubs in Berlin and probably in the world, is a real underground club that few people outside Germany know, and only Berliners who know their niche techno-house music will go to. The policy, especially at the origins of this venue, was to be as secret as possible.

Yet, over the years the club made a name for itself. Its’ quality raves, which have a festival atmosphere, became known and now they’re easy to find. Still, if you don’t know techno enough you will not know the place and never see it on the infamous Top 100 Clubs list of DJ Mag.

With a Funktion One sound-system, the same brand that equips Berghain, arguably the best sound system in the world together with Martin Audio (fabric’s and Ministry of sounds’ systems) , a unique vibe and some extravagant ravers and many hipsters to light up the party each weekend, Sisyphos is now a must if you can get in. Easier than Berghain, but not as easy as Tresor.

The Egg, which is evolving into an exceptional club, is the only venue so far this year to host a night like this in London. The night, called Berlin Berlin, will also have a theme: decadent decor with cabaret performers from Berlin and other European towns. With the Egg’s opening times (11 pm – 10 am) and size (5 rooms) I believe that, except fabric, no other place in London could’ve hosted a night like this one.

Sysiphos residents will play in the Garden, the main room. The night however will also offer other interesting DJs aside from the main act. Above all is Mark Henning, a hometown player here, which the Egg describes as follows:  “Born to English and German parents, he has spent most of his life in England, though has never forgotten his German roots and is now settled in Berlin.Mark has proven himself as a versatile DJ, being equally comfortable playing deep morning sets as well as peak time slots. He has performed all over the world at clubs such as Panorama Bar, Watergate, Rex, Space, Lux and The Arches to name just a few, as well as the festivals BPM, Fusion, Portugal’s BOOM and Free Rotation.”

All in all, If you love house and techno, you are in London for the weekend and also free, there is no other place to be for 10 hours on saturday night.




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