Corsica Studios, a venue that will surprise you

Last weekend I visited this venue after hearing so much about it.  I say weekend since I bought tickets for Saturday, whereas my intention was to go there on Friday – silly me I booked while eating, don’t do that folks – so I ended up going there two straight nights, which actually gave me the chance to get  a better idea of the club.

It took me a while to find the place as it is literally hidden – in pure underground style – behind Elephant and Castle’s station. No sign with the name of the club, so I asked the security guard in front, a man-looking lady, whose reply was, mumbling, “It’s freaking Corsica kid”.

First of all, right at the door, I noticed a really friendly staff and that made me already comfortable. Throughout the night the staff was smiling all the time, cracking jokes and serving everyone quickly.  Once inside though, at start I was disappointed. The decor felt nonexistent, just white walls. It looked like there had been a war a few months before. The cloakroom is outside, and that was strange to me. What if it rains?  “It’s London mate”, as one clubber tells me, “it’s just sprinkles in here”. The queue was quick though.

Room one is where this club really got me, two straight nights. Initially the size of the place was a bummer for me, as I’m used to fabric and Ministry of sound. Yet, the small size is what makes Corsica really special. It feels like a Warehouse party, an original one of the early days of house music. Everything is more intimate, and if you’re friendly you will make tons of friends, and probably pick up girls/boys. Compared to fabric, with nearly 1600 people on a busy night, is like the city vs the country. Even though there is more people, is harder to talk to someone unless you’re really outgoing. In the country everyone knows each other, it makes it easier . Corsica has that atmosphere.

The music is really of high quality, at times it felt unique. After hearing good sounds, I move in between the ravers to see the sound-system. I see Funktion One , probably the best sound system in the world. At this point i realized the club is serious and that there’s no coincidence it’s 80th in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs of 2015, which is up 6 positions from the previous year.

The lighting was not excellent, but definitely good. I felt it could’ve been more elaborate, but I also appreciated the more sober red lasers that appeared at the tempo of deep house and techno. Another thing that I loved was that, due to the smaller crowd, there was always space to dance. This is a very important factor, as the bigger clubs, even if they have more space, take way too many people in and sometimes is annoying bumping into someone every minute and not being able to make your moves. I was, and that is something not to overlook.

Alongside the sound-system, what I did not expect were excellent smoke and fog machines. Towards the end of the night on Saturday they used them all together and the vibe was absolutely incredible. It felt as if all the clubbers were in space, in another dimension, and time had suddenly stopped.

Overall I consider it a must place to check out if you’ve never been there. I regard it as one of the best clubs in London. Many ravers after closure told me that it was indeed their favorite. It might become your favorite venue if you despise the big ones, large crowds and well known DJs.

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