Harvey Mckay, Luigi Madonna and Roberto Capuano smash EGG LDN


When they tell you German techno is dark and strong, it’s true, but wait till you hear the Mediterranean passion and power of Naples’ sound.

The Egg shows once again they can throw a party with the recent high quality artists that come to play. Luigi and Roberto, together known as “Black Division”, played live in the Terrace, which is now the main room for the Summer as the Garden serves as smoking/chillout area.

As soon as they started, at about 5am, the drums kicked in strong and you knew you were not going to be disappointed. It was an absolute blast from start to finish. When I say blast, I literally mean blast, not just a mere way of saying.

Walls and floors were shaking, to the sound of…I can’t even describe it, at times it felt to be in Call of Duty under heavy bombing. At the end of the set, I remember pretending to have a rifle and shoot in the air. The beats were getting faster and faster, raw and potent, until they reached a climax, which sounded like a Motocross bike going zero to 100 (sorry if you hate Drake, I felt I needed a pun).

Around us, a great atmosphere, except the heat. Too much heat. It’s August, 25 plus degrees, there’s 1000 people all in one room, and we’re all sweating. But hey, it’s the rave way ennit. An energy drink with vodka, some fresh hair, and we’re good to go.

After that, more drums kept going, like a hammer slamming on a table. Raw, pure, but at the same time curated. Along those wild sounds you could hear some cymbals, hi hats or strange galactic sounds.

Lighting was very well coordinated. It was extremely bright and then mostly dark, but it worked well. It was a contrast that kept us on the edge, and almost made me blind when looking directly into a strobe trying to find the spot in front of the AC.

Harvey Mckay was on fire.  He could have done even better, but the sound system, usually on point, this time wasn’t giving him a lot to work with. At times the crowd cringed at a few high pitches. Still, you couldn’t stop jumping when he was on the deck. Especially after playing Silk Road. If you don’t know this track, jeez. You better know it.

All in all, excellent night. Kudos to Black Division for bringing the sound we all needed to hear.


Picture by: Ibiza-voice.com

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