How DJ Pierre rocked XOYO

Heidi’s residency at XOYO is one of the best things that the club has seen recently. Her sets are so energetic and bring an atmosphere that very few artists know how to deliver.

Last night she brought back the sound of Chicago’s Acid house by inviting legendary DJ Pierre and Luke Vibert. All three of them put up a show.

Pierre however, knocked it out of the park. He got us into a trippy but strong acid journey, and the whole building was shaking. The young crowd of XOYO appreciated the old school vibe and the ravers from way back got down memory lane of the warehouses of 1989.

At the middle of the set, out of nowhere, Derrick May’s Strings of life comes out like an epiphany. Everyone is mistified by a song that will never stop to catch your emotions. But that’s not it. He pulled a version that was jazzy, with a classy piano solo that sent everyone nuts.

Towards the end, during a steady acid/techno flow, he takes Joey Beltram’s Energy Flash out of the hat and insanity broke out. I lost plot of my own body and started shaking as if the night had just started. That song is like an injection of adrenaline.

Overall, lots of energy, great crowd and great music that was boosted by a legendary musician that didn’t disappoint since he ever started making beats.

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