3 new tracks to swing on the new year

Apart from stuffing my self and oversleeping, this Christmas break was a chance to look at some fresh work being put out in the Tech-house scene.

Above all, Julian Jeweil’s collab with Drumcode got me jumping off my seat. Particularly his track “Blue” made it impossible for me not to leave the computer and start dancing. The beat is a blast that refreshed my neurones. Dark, powerful and energetic, it suits Drumcode’s style more than any other song on this EP, “Rolling”. Heard with some good headphones it’s like reproducing a club wherever you go.


To switch to a more housy sound Sirus Hood and Roland Clark bring a groovy ass rhythm that could get loose any chick around your block. The voice-over is a touch of class and not annoying at all. Deep as the ocean but still funky freaky, from London to Ibiza this track will see a lot of plays.


Back again to Drumcode, which I regard as the best techno label in the world, the boss Adam Beyer released a few songs with Dense and Pika that are absolutely insane. “Future” is the one that really stands out, with kicking drums and a Formula 1 type of sound that can drive you nuts. Beware of the beat before hitting play, shit gets real.

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