All they do is win: Patriots win Super Bowl 51 with an insane comeback

Super Bowl 51 has been labelled the best of all times. Rightfully so. After trailing 25 points and being annihilated for three quarters, The New England Patriots were triumphant with the largest comeback in the game’s history.

Atlanta was dominating, leading 21-3 at halftime. New England couldn’t get anything going, they gave the ball away to the other team twice and they could not stop the Falcons’ running game, as well as the extremely talented Julio Jones.

Everyone thought the game was over. Pats fans wanted to throw themselves off a roof just like Lady Gaga, Falcons supporters were celebrating early and others were yawning to a blowout. But Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were not giving up on a fifth ring.

After starting the fourth quarter 28-9, by the end of it they tied the game and forced the first over time in Super Bowl history. That’s not all though: Brady threw for 426 yards, another SB record.

edelman-catchNot only records were broken, but laws of physics too. Julian Edelman, Wide receiver for NE, made the wildest catch in NFL history at a pivotal time. Covered by three defenders, the ball bounced on one of their feet. His focused hand/eye coordination – Yea that was not luck! – allowed him to catch it before it touched the ground.

The Patriots scored 31 unanswered points, as the offense went from 0 to 100 and the defense stepped up. Bear in mind: all of this happened without their best receiver, Tight end Rob Gronkowski.

In Any Given Sunday, Al Pacino gave the team a speech that led to an epic victory. Just like in Hollywood movies, the Pats proved that if you really want it, anything can happen.

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