Brexit will actually bring more immigrants


If you voted leave to prevent further immigration from Europe, you messed up. Here’s why.

It’s been almost a year since the most talked about referendum in recent years ended with Britain leaving the EU. Yet, effectively, the UK is still in the EU and will be until 2019, on March the 29th.

This is because article 50 was only triggered on that day, this year, by prime minister Theresa May.

What about all the time that’s already past and the time left? That’s when a bigger wave of people will pack and leave their homes to come and work here. Why? They don’t want to miss the opportunity.

As of Semptember 2016, the number of migrants from Romania and Bulgaria rose from 19,000 to 74,000,  the highest number in a single year, according to the Office for National Statistics.

EU nationals in Britain who had their applications processed for UK residence more than doubled from 92,289 in 2015 to 201,287 in 2016. More than 140,000 were successful.
I mean, how can you blame them? You’re telling them we will shut the doors, but in two years. Even those who didn’t have an idea of coming here, now could have a more serious attitude towards moving.

As an Italian, I received myself lots of calls from friends thinking to come to the UK before Brexit becomes effective.

If you consider the fact that the pound has dramatically plunged and your holidays will cost more and require a Visa in EU states, well, Brexit sounds hella stupid now, enit?

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