Steph Curry reveals his team if he’s chosen captain at All-Star game


The NBA recently announced a brand new All-Star Game system, in which the two most voted players will be captains and choose their teammates.

Who will be the captains? Who will they choose? Last year the top two voted players were Lebron James and Stephen Curry.

But if Curry gets picked again, he already knows who will be part of his squad. “Probably one of my teammates” , he said.

Before you start cringing, remember who plays in the Warriors: superstar Kevin Durant, sharp shooter Klay Thompson and the relentless Draymond Green. You could argue it’s already an all-star team.

This new format for the game aims to bring more excitement and competitiveness. The Conference one has become a joke, with the West destroying the East in the past two years.

“It’s fun. It’s a different type of setup and a different look, especially on the court”, said Curry.

It will definitely give a reason to watch for viewers, but will the game itself improve? Not really.

The real issue here is DEFENSE. Players don’t take this game seriously.

I understand being careful about injuries, but the fans deserve to see the best defense by the best players, not just dunks and alley oops.



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